Located on the banks of Anderson Creek, opposite Breggo’s winery, Filigreen Farms is
Mendocino County’s first multi-crop Biodynamic farm. Managed by Chris and Stephanie Tebbutt,
the property is owned by the Yggdrasil Land Trust whose mission is to protect heritage farms.
A citizen of New Zealand, Chris Tebbut first came to Mendocino County from England in 1976 with a
degree in horticulture. Settling in Anderson Valley in 1982, the Chris and Stephanie began
farming apples and grapes on their own property adjacent to Filigreen. Taking on the
management of Filigreen in 2000, the Tebbutts planted Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes,
a high density olive orchard for olive oil, 34 varieties of apples, pears, melons, and blueberries
that end up on the menus of some of Northern California’s finest restaurants.

Of Biodynamic farming Chris says “One of the tenets is that the farm is viewed
as a self-contained ecosystem, by having a diversity of crops and our own animals
on the farm, we eliminate the need for store bought fertilizers.”
The farm is a wonder of agricultural biodiversity.

Filigreen’s grapes add wonderful orange peel and walnut oil
notes to Breggo’s Anderson Valley Pinot Gris.